When is the deadline to sign up for the Ascent?

Sign-up closes at 8pm on April 22nd. (This is also the deadline to submit your score)

I’m not elite, can I compete?

Yes! See our suggested standards for both Rx and Scaled to get an idea of what to expect.

Is there a Masters or Scaled Bracket?

Not this time around, but you can expect one in future Tribal Games competitions.

When will I find out The Ascent workouts?

The first workout, “The Base” will be released on April 18th and must be submitted by 8pm on April 22nd. The second workout, “The Slope” is released on April 25th and must be submitted by 8pm on April 29th. The third workout, “The Summit” is released on May 2nd, and must be submitted by May 6th.

What if I live far away?

Both The Ascent and The Bracket can be done from your home gym/box. However, if you qualify for The Tribal Games and you live outside of the North East, we can assist with your travel accommodations to compete at the final event of the games.

Do I have to submit a video?

Yes. To ensure the standards are met we must have a video for your score to count. Your workout video is uploaded when recording your score on your profile page


When you registered for this competition, you should have received an email with your login username and password. Please check your email inbox to see if you have received this email. Make sure to check your spam inbox just in case. If you need us to resend the email with your information, click here


When each workout is released, login to your athlete profile to view the workout description. Then enter in your score/video link, then click Submit. Your coach/affiliate will see your score/video submission and be able to approve it.

My video is too big. How to I upload it?


If you’ve submitted your score and you don’t see it showing up on the leaderboard, that means your trainer/coach/affiliate still needs to approve it. Please contact your coach directly so they can login and approve your score, along with the other athletes associated with your gym/affiliate. If your coach/affiliate has not been invited to approve scores for the competition, please make sure that you click here to invite them. Once they are invited, they will receive an email with their login username and password. Once they have been invited, login and click on the Change Affiliate link at the top of your athlete profile. Then select your Crossfit Affiliate or Gym name in the list, so that your trainer/coach/affiliate will be able to see and approve your score submissions under their profile.

After I submit my score and video link, can I re-submit again?

Yes, you can submit your score and video link as long as it is before the score submission deadline. If you do submit a new score and video link, your coach/affiliate will need to approve it again, if your previous score was approved before. You can click here to invite your coach from your Crossfit Affiliate. This same link is also available to you on the email that was sent to you when you first registered.

My Crossfit affialite/gym is not listed and I need one of my trainers/coaches to approve my scores.

You can click here to invite your coach from your Crossfit Affiliate. This same link is also available to you on the email you received when you first registered.

How do I edit my profile photo, info and PRs?

Login to your profile and click on the Edit Profile link on the top right of the page. From there, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to upload a photo and enter in your bio, location and personal records.

When will I know if I qualified for The Bracket?

We will be announcing The Bracket qualifiers on Monday, May 9th

I qualified for The Bracket! Now what?

Tribal Games will be in touch with you. We will coordinate the match-ups between you and the competitor you will go up against during The Bracket.

Do I need to travel for The Bracket?

No. The Bracket events will be possible to complete from your home gym/box. However, if your competitor in the bracket is within a reasonable travel distance, it will be much more fun (although not required) to compete head-to-head.

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